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Best Health Apps For Training Your Brain

Are you a family elder who is facing memory issues in completing your daily activities? Or else, you can also be a student who finds it hard to remember the lessons for your exam. There are many seniors who feel that with an increase in age, you can suffer from memory loss. And while leading a retired life, you are also not burdened with many jobs. Not indulging in work may lead to memory loss altogether. If you are a student, you may have projects to complete or remember the lessons in your exam. So, how do you make the brain work to its potential? In this article, let us focus on the best health apps for training your brain.

These apps can make you playtest to improve the mental skills, and can even send the improvement graphs. Yes, there are some apps which are free and for few, you have to pay the premium. The health benefits of these apps are proved, and you can easily install them in your tablet or smartphone. Yes, playing them can be fun.

1. Lumosity

How will you feel to work in an app, that gives work to the brain, but is boring? You will never play the app again. But Lumosity is the app which has challenging games that are fun to play with. So, it helps improve memory, problem-solving techniques, and thinking flexibility. There are nearly 25 brain games you can play. The advantage is, every game makes you understand the weaknesses and strengths. This app, you can find on iOS as well as Android.

Yes, if you want the best features and want to improve the brain, you may have to pay the subscription fee charges. They will help you play more games with the best features. Please note that you can also use the website from the computer. One of the best health apps for training your brain.

2. Peak

As the name for this app suggests, you can use it to make the brain reach its peak. You can play games that can help exercise the brain to achieve its most. The advantages are improving the memory, enhancing the mental agility and making use of problem-solving skills. You can play with this app on iOS as well as the Android devices. You can download this app and play with a free option. But opting for the paid version makes you know the improvements and you can have the growth graphs. Have you read the content of this topic? Can you include this app as one among the best health apps for training your brain?

3. Elevate

This app holds a feather in its cap. In 2014, Apple selected it as the App of The Year. Known as one of the best training apps for the brain, it has more than 40 fun games. Unlike the other apps, you can use Elevate to develop a personal training program. The skills you can improve are - focus, maths, processing speed and memory. Similar to the other apps, you can find Elevate on iOS and Android.

You can term this app as the best competitor to Peak. And with its simple games and clear visuals, your wit and intelligence will improve. If you are improving, the app will introduce the other set of games that will be more difficult and challenging. You can also opt for the paid version per month to unlock more thrilling games. You can include this app as one of the best health apps for training your brain.

4. Fit Brains Trainer

If a product has to reach the target audience, one of the major attractions should be the name. With this fact in mind, look into the title again. Don’t you feel that the app has been given one of the best names in the industry? Having said that, this app is designed to improve the emotional as well as cognitive intelligence. It has nearly sixty games in the kitty. Now, the sessions you work on will target the brain in areas such as problem-solving, concentration, thinking speed and memory. The other two areas to be affected will be visualization and language. Similar to another app we have mentioned before, Lumosity, you can also play with this app from your computer. If you are interested in shelling out money on the monthly subscription plan, you unlock the entire features of this app.

5. Mind Games

Are there changes in human life, when the control over the mind can block the brain? Is the brain more powerful or the mind? Well, let us not focus on these facts but on the app. You can find various games that will put to test your attention, basic skills on problems, mental skills and memory. Yes, you can also find tools to assist the tracking in your progress. With the report in your hand, you can focus on areas which need improvement. This app is available on Android and iOS.

6. NeuroNation

This app is popular as one of the best health apps for training your brain. And it contains games to test and train intelligence, memory, and focus.

7. Duolingo

Yes, you are right. According to brain experts, learning a new language is one of the best methods to improve the potential of your brain. And learning another language is made so much of fun in this app. You can learn Italian, Portuguese and other foreign languages via this app. Will you believe that every option is free?


These are some best health apps for training your brain. But it is always best to play with these apps on the mobile. And the mobile needs to be in the right condition. So, if you have a problem with the mobile, kindly ensure to fix it as soon as possible. For example, you need the best mobile repair service in Mumbai. So, in prior times, you used to remember the name and mobile number of the technician who comes to your home to fix the problem. Since you have used the brain training apps, you opted for a different method. Now, you downloaded the app of the best home improvement company in Mumbai and opted for the best mobile repair expert in Mumbai. The problem got fixed. You do not have to go to the private mobile repair center in Mumbai for the job, but make the technician come to your home. As per your schedule.

Coming back to the topic, having the brain in top condition also makes you feel fit and healthy. 

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