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Best ways you can keep your Facebook profile from revealing too much

Facebook brings individuals loads of enjoyment – it’s a simple thanks to confining bit, share images and it’s conjointly an excellent supply of data. And with over two billion users, it's one among the foremost in style services within the world. Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.

But there's sure info you may need to stay personal. There square measure|are} stuff you would possibly need to cover from sure individuals - particularly those that are simply acquaintances instead of correct friends.

Lockdown your profile

Before you begin tweaking what personal info your friends will see, check your Facebook profile is personal, instead of public.

  • Click the drop-down arrow at the highest right, choose Settings and click on Privacy from the choices on the correct. rummage around for UN agency will see your future posts? and click on Edit.
  • In the menu make certain Friends is chosen instead of Public. instead, if you would like everything to be personal and to line the privacy in individual posts (see Tip 3), choose solely Maine.

Limit UN agency will see previous posts

  • Even if you’ve set your account to non-public, your previous posts should be public.
  • Under ‘Who will see my stuff?’ 
  • Rummage around for the choice Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public and click on the Limit Past Posts link on the correct.

Post to chose friends

  • It’s doable to form Facebook standing updates, however, prohibit UN agency will see them on a post-by-post basis. Click Update standing as if you're aiming to post one thing, and click on the drop-down arrow next to Friends. From here, choose a lot of choices to increase the list and click on Custom.
  • A pop-up box entitled Custom privacy can seem. beneath Share this with clicking the little blue cross next to Friends to get rid of it, and enter the name of the individuals you would like to share the post with.

Hide your age

  • Not everybody desires their date of birth visible on Facebook phone number - either for private or security reasons.
  • To conceal your age, log into Facebook and click on Edit Profile beneath your name on the left-hand column.
  • You’ll see a part referred to as regarding seem within the middle of the page. choose Contact and Basic information and beneath Basic info, you’ll see your date of birth that you provided once you joined Facebook.

Relationship standing

  • Not everybody desires to share their current romantic state of affairs. to vary it stay at intervals the regarding section from Tip four and this point click Family and Relationships from the choices on the left.
  • The menu contains a dozen choices, together with Single, unmarried and It’s sophisticated. At the highest of the list, you’ll see a horizontal line. choose this and your relationship won’t seem on your profile in the least.

 Hide your Friend list

  • To keep your Friend list personal, click on your name on the highest menu bar. Across the center of the screen running horizontally you’ll see choices for Timeline, About, Friends, Photos and a lot of. Next, to seek out Friends you’ll see a pencil - click this and choose Edit Privacy.
  • In the Edit privacy box ar 2 choices. Click the drop-down arrow next to Friend List and choose solely Maine.
  • The next choice Following enables you to confirm UN agency will see the individuals and lists you follow. to stay this personal modification it to solely Maine similarly.

Limit friend requests

  • To avoid obtaining friend requests from strangers, right-click the drop arrow at the highest right and choose Settings (as in Tip 1) and choose Privacy on the right-hand facet.
  • Under ‘Who will contact me?’ choose Friends of friends.  If you are doing get an invitation from somebody you don’t like (or a lot of typically don’t know) merely hit Ignore.


  • If there’s somebody you would like to avoid contacting you the simplest factor to try to do is block them. Click the drop-down arrow on the top-right menu bar and choose Settings.
  • Select obstruction on the left and beneath Block users enter the name of the person you would like to dam.

Take away location info

  • When you build a Facebook post it typically suggests a location. we tend to advise you don’t do that as a result of it means that everybody is aware of wherever you're. 
  • To remove a location, realize the violative post, click the down arrow and choose Edit Post.

Keep photos personal

  • If you’ve had a Facebook account for years, there’s an honest likelihood you’ve assembled loads of images, that you may not need everybody to examine. If you selected to Limit previous Posts (Tip two above) solely your friends will see them, however, you continue to might want to cover individual photos.
  • Your Photos includes photos you’ve taken. Hover over photos you would like to cover, click the pencil icon and choose to Delete this photograph to get rid of it.


  • Facebook could be a helpful means of organizing events. you'll invite multiple individuals, build updates and that they will simply settle for or decline. 
  • Click Home on the highest menu bar and choose Events from the right-hand facet. this may show what events you’ve been invited to and people in style in your network.
  • To invite individuals to an incident click the +Create choice, rummage around for Privacy and click on the menu next to that.

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