Employment types in Medical Jobs

The Indian healthcare industry is undoubtedly on the rise, promising to record a massive CAGR of 16.28% during 2018-2022. Space has been adding positions at a much quicker clip than any other job space. Healthcare has become one of India's largest sectors - both in terms of employment and revenue. Hence, medical healthcare jobs are also on the rise.

With complicated diseases, come specialized skills which are required to treat them. And that explains the demand for specialized medical healthcare jobs and the different kinds of employment types that these healthcare professionals may be involved in.

Let’s talk about some of those employment types today –

1. Contractual

A contractual job is an employment which requires you to sign and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in an agreement, that can be enforced by law. You will need to sign the agreement before you start working. Contractual work is usually for a particular duration of time (specified in the contract) and ends upon completion of a project or assignment. However, it can be renewed subsequently upon the discretion of both the parties.

2. Internship

Residency is a 3+ year training program in a medical specialty. And the first year of training after medical school is known as an internship. Internship follows when a medical graduate obtains a medical degree and becomes a fully qualified doctor. Interns typically are first-year residents, who work closely with fully qualified doctors and medical staff in a working environment (like a hospital), and practice and train under their direct supervision.

3. Fellowship

Fellowship Graduate education is a post-residency training period of 1–2 years in a subspecialty–e.g., surgery, which enables a specialized physician to develop one particular expertise that may have a related subspecialty board. The fellowship program is usually used to prepare for specialty boards examinations. In a nutshell, the training that is done after a residency (in a subspecialty) is usually called a fellowship.

4. Residency

A resident is a physician/ doctor, podiatrist, or dentist, holding degrees such as MD, DPM, DMD, DDS, DO or MBBS, MBChB, or BMed, BDS, BDent, and practices medicine, usually in a clinic or hospital under the direct or indirect supervision of an attending physician.

Some other employment types for jobs in healthcare industry

Apart from the above- mentioned employment types there also are Home Day Nurse profiles, Part Time or the temporary workforce, traveling nurse jobs and voluntary medical professionals. All these different profiles serve very specific purposes.


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