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How infertility experts are a hope for infertile couples?

Every married couple faces a point in their life when they want to expand their family and start with family planning. Having a baby is surely a delight and a feeling which can’t be expressed in words, it’s truly a blessing.

However, some of the couples fail to experience this bliss due to certain health conditions or some infertility problems.

In earlier times, there was no solution for the infertile couples who yearned for a child. But current medical advancements, like assisted reproduction can help them fulfil their dream.

One such popular Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) is IVF, which is proving to be a boon for infertility. It is a medical process being practiced in every corner of the globe that has helped many childless couples to have children.

As per Dr Gautam Allahbadia, IVF specialist mumbai, "IVF is very different from the conventional means of artificial insemination wherein the sperm is placed in the uterus and conception takes place normally. IVF refers to fertilization taking place outside in a laboratory to form an embryo or embryos".

Once the embryo is ready, it is placed in the uterus. IVF is often the last option for couples trying to conceive naturally for a long time, without any success.

Infertility Problems that can be treated by IVF

Infertility can occur in either of the couple and in some cases, the problem may arise in both. There are various reasons that lead to infertility which can be treated with IVF. Some of the infertility reasons are:

  • Endometriosis
  • Low sperm counts
  • Ovulation problem
  • Antibody problems which harm sperm or eggs
  • Issues with the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Sperm’s inability to penetrate or sustain in the cervical mucus
  • Other unidentified infertility problem.

Technological advancement has been a beacon of hope for infertile couples worldwide. Dr. Gautam Allahbadia mentions that the procedures can be both mentally and physically challenging for the couples undergoing the treatment procedures. At this time doctors are important in giving them the hope, besides the necessary medical expertise.

Undertaking an Assisted Reproduction Technique like IVF treatment can help infertile couples bear their own child. However, the process is long and intense process, and requires emotional, financial and physical contribution. Personalized fertility program involving the extended role of a doctor in a couple’s pregnancy journey, can help them develop a positive feeling, and gives them hope.



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