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How to Avoid Burnout Feeling in the Workplace

Do you always have a feeling of stress and burnout at work? If yes then you have to bring health and well-being on a higher priority in your life. After the evolution of corporate culture, employees do have tight deadlines for project delivery and high expectations from the managers in terms of productivity and results. This makes them very careless about personal health and well-being. However, the fact is, the better we take care of our holistic wellness, the more productive we become in the workplace. We cannot contribute our best when we do not feel our best and we cannot feel our best unless we increase the importance of health and well-being in our daily life.

Companies in India have started understanding the value of health and wellness in the workplace. Many organizations are now taking wellness initiatives such as offering longer lunch breaks, napping room facility, workplace yoga sessions and partnering with corporate wellness companies to bring personalized wellness programs for employees. The workplace wellness programs include stress management, nutrition guidance, dietician support, practising mindfulness and meditation. One basic program focusing on workplace wellness must be considered as a crucial step towards employee well-being.

Ways to avoid stress and burnout for employees who do not have professional wellness programs in the workplace.

For small businesses where budget is a constraint, hiring dedicated corporate wellness company is very challenging so employees of such organizations must incorporate some basic wellness practices as a part of their daily routine. There are some basic techniques to manage stress and work burnout which does not require help from an expert:

  • Start your morning with a happy mood. Start thinking about the things that inspire you to work. You can always think of some interesting things you enjoy while working. This will move the focus from negative thoughts about the work to the positive ones.
  • Shift your morning breakfast to high protein and low sugar eatables. It gives you a lot of energy which is a must at the day started.
  • Always try to remain hydrated at work so keep a bottle filled with fresh water at your desk. Consume a small amount of water on a frequent basis throughout the working hours to remain hydrated. Many people have an assumption that a cup of coffee is good enough to get hydrated. However, the truth is, coffee has a tendency to make you dehydrated. So never give a preference to coffee in the workplace.
  • Bring homemade healthy snacks to consume in mid-afternoon which is a few hours after lunch. This will surely help you making re-energized.
  • Start taking frequent breaks during the working hours to avoid long sitting in the same posture. This helps you to stay less stressed and exhausted. Breaks should be a priority in the workplace.
  • Get out of office building to an open space to get fresh air and sunlight during the break or lunch hours for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This increases the blood flow as well as vitamin D in your body.
  • Exercise to keep calm and energized. You don’t need any coach or wellness program to exercise in working hours. You can take small initiatives such as using stairs while making your way to the office if your workspace is above the ground floor. Take a walk in your break time or seek some time in lunch hours for walking. You may start doing some stretching before reaching at home after work hours. This will keep you energized and less stressed when you’re with your family.
  • Use mindfulness to stay less stressed throughout your working hours. Mindfulness is all about focusing on one task at a time instead of taking on multiple tasks at a time. This will not only protect you from a mental overload of work but also helps you increase productivity to generate better business outcomes.
  • Get some time from your working hours to laugh with your team members or other co-workers. Never be always serious in performing your duties for the company but start doing fun activities in between. This will help you keep energized throughout the day.
  • Always leave for home on time. Understand the fact and try to make others understand that work is a never-ending process so leaving office on time will make you seek some free time that you can spend with you and your loved ones. You may use after-work hours enjoying with your family or participating in stress-relieving activities such as yoga, meditation or swimming. Each day of week needs to be dedicated to any specific fun activity so you don’t get bored by doing the same kind of activity every day.


The above ways will surely help you improve your overall well-being so you never feel burnout in the workplace. However, Remember, if, at any time, stress and burnout tend to increase your health complications, Ask your employer to look for an appropriate wellness program from Truworth Wellness team without further delay.

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