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Importance of Gynecologist for every Woman’s wellbeing

A Gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the issues related to the female reproductive system. They also work very closely with expectant mothers to ensure a healthy pregnancy and also helps them to deliver babies as smoothly as possible.

But, is it the only time women need to see a Gynecologist?

The answer is “NO”.  It is extremely important for every woman to see a gynaecologist on a regular basis in order to ensure good health for the simple reason that for women, the risk of developing a health disorder increases with age.  And a gynaecologist can help a woman understand her normal bodily functions and answer her queries.

  • Routine health checkups

Some health exams that are important for women are pelvic exams in order to gauge the reproductive health, Pap test to determine abnormal cells in the cervix, and a breast exam. It is advisable for women to be frank and open with your gynaecologist about their lifestyle, smoking or drinking habits – because all of this could be a reason for any abnormality. Family history also plays an important role in women’s health. Family history helps to identify certain gynaecological cancers; and hence, it’s worth gathering as much medical information as possible about any medical concerns, a cause of death etc. of your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles.

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  • Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Gynaecologists help in identifying STDs or pregnancy-related abnormalities. Expectant mothers are often advised to consult gynaecologists during their trimesters to ensure that all is well with the baby and the mother. Some other common women's health problems include endometriosis, and fibroid tumours and PCOD. These should be evaluated by a gynaecologist for timely medications and treatment. Contraception is another speciality of a gynaecologist, and different methods of contraception can be discussed openly with them.

  • Onset of Menopause

Those women who are nearing menopause, their bodies may sometimes experience immense physical and emotional symptoms in this life-changing period of their lives. A gynaecologist can be of a lot of value during these times - evaluating blood hormone levels and prescribing hormone replacement therapy to counteract these symptoms. They also provide a lot of mental and emotional support to these women and help them sail through this period.

We tend to forget that doctors are not there for curing us. They are also there for the prevention of diseases. A gynaecologist is one such doctor who can play a huge role in the prevention of some diseases. So, seeing a gynaecologist from time to time is important for every woman.


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