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India’s Healthcare Recruitment needs a Collaborative approach

The Indian healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous pace, may witness a threefold jump to the US $372 billion by 2022. It has also become one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue as well as employment.
The need of the hour

While a lot of public and private initiatives are being taken to leverage technology by developing apps like the Swastha Bharat mobile application, e-RaqtKosh, India fights dengue etc., (launched by the ministry of health and family welfare), the healthcare recruitment space & jobs in healthcare industry sector is still largely narrow and unorganized. 

In the last 25 years, India has witnessed a ‘dual disease burden’, a continuous growth in communicable diseases and a surge in lifestyle diseases, which has accounted for half of all deaths in 2015, up from 42 percent in 2001-03. And while it is a big support to public health institutions that more than 80% of Indian doctors are provided by the private sector, the sector still lacks a platform where the relevant healthcare talent could meet and interact with a healthcare center.

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With a higher spending power of consumers in urban areas, a major chunk of Indian healthcare professionals are concentrated around urban areas, leaving rural areas under served, and some times deprived. About 75% of dispensaries, 60% of hospitals and 80% of doctors are located in urban areas. Doctors only cater to a third of the urban population, which is not more than 442 million people. 

Perzue – An Innovative Healthcare talent acquisition Platform

Perzue, a healthcare job portla was designed and developed to democratize the Healthcare Recruitment Landscape. Following an extensive industry research and consultation, Perzue was developed after a large investment on technology and brilliant minds, who came together to bridge the gap between.

Born from the need to facilitate the increasing global mobility of healthcare professionals, Perzue is designed to provide a suite of tools that empowers large and small organizations to recruit the right talent.

Perzue is not just a recruitment portal; it’s an all-in-one solution which allows job postings to be integrated with social media platforms, ensuring that the job listings have the maximum reach. Perzue is the only portal with talents listed from all healthcare fields like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani and Ayurveda, and pretty much the only one where you will find all kinds of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals – from doctors, nurses, and paramedics to academicians, researchers, veterinary, lab technicians, interns and even yoga instructors.


Perzue has started out with a mission to promote and help people access some dying branches of medicine like Nuclear Medicine, Bariatric surgery and Perfusion by providing the right kind of talent to organizations.

Instead of being restricted to only Tier 1 cities, Perzue is planning to expand to include Tier 2, Tier 3 and rural regions of India.

Job seekers will have the option to choose the kind of job they are looking for – like full-time, part-time, internships, locum, traveling nurse, visiting consultant etc., depending on their own comfort and convenience published by medical job recruiters. All specialists are covered under the MCI guidelines for a more user-friendly experience.

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