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  • VOH conference 2019

This conference is taking place against the backdrop of disruptions and constraints of the healthcare delivery system. The only way to move forward especially in healthcare where huge investment is a norm, to proactively mobilize key stakeholders from both public and private sectors along with their proud strengths and innovations on such a common platform. Hence this conference assumes strategic significance as speakers shares their practical approach while dealing with various issues. Read more:

  • Samsung makes a step towards measuring blood pressure via a smartwatch, but it’s not quite the holy grail

Samsung announced a new line of wearables this week, including a new smartwatch called Galaxy Active. The device claimed to monitor users’ blood pressure, which some suggested would put it ahead of its key rival, Apple, as the first big tech player to make such an important breakthrough. Read More:

  • Research on to find robots’ utility in the treatment of mental disorders

A team of international researchers, including some from Spain and one from India, is evaluating the fitness of robots in delivering mental health treatment to individuals with ID and assessing its impact on users and their caregivers. Read more:

  • Pulwama attack: Public gives discounts to heroes in a turban

It is raining sops and discounts for the Sikh community as a token of gratitude from common people for saving Kashmiris in distress outside the state. Read More:

  • Odisha Government Launches Boat Ambulance Service for Remote Areas

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Odisha government launched the boat ambulance service to assist patients to reach hospitals in isolated areas cut off by rivers. The total project cost was Rs 5.40 crore. Read More:   




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