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UV glow in the dark contact lenses are a big hit and here's why:

No look is ever complete without giving an effect to your eyes, be it a simple party or a crazy event like Halloween. Imagine dressing up and doing your entire makeup like a vampire but when it comes to your eyes, they are of your natural color. Sounds boring, no?

What’s so special about these?

Ultra Violet glow in the dark contact lenses are totally out of the box. Colored lenses can be of any color and they do not change from their original color no matter where or at what time they are worn. Whereas, UV glow in the dark contact lenses change their original color and start glowing in the dark light! Crazy, right?

Ultra Violet glow in the dark contact lenses are the ideal addition for any late-night party to make you stand out from the crowd.

The color of these lenses differs from the ones people wear in their day to day life as those basically include natural eye colors. These lenses as their name says, glow only in the dark; they are designed in a way that they react to the black light. In normal light, these may also look like the normal contact lenses in any pastel color.

It is due to the high demand and success, ultraviolet glow in the dark contact lenses are now easily available in the market. You can also get them online on Mesmereyez under the category of Halloween Contact Lenses UK.

People tend to go for the costumes and getups they can easily arrange the accessories for. UV glow contacts are easily available in a lot of cool colors to choose from.


Cost factor

Another factor that describes if a product is hit or miss is its cost. Is it worth the money? Every person before making a purchase evaluates if they should invest in that particular item.

For amazing glow contact lenses, they are not that expensive! Now obviously you are not going to wear these lenses on a daily basis or even occasionally. This is something you will either wear once or twice so spending a large amount may not sound cool. But, there is no doubt that one of the reasons why Ultraviolet glow in the dark contact lenses or also known as Halloween Contact Lenses UK have gained much popularity is definitely because of its price factor. It does not cost you an arm and a leg to simply completes your look!

Safety first

Ultraviolet glow contact lenses look really cool and you can wear them to pull off any Halloween look. Nevertheless, some people fear for their safety while choosing the glow in the dark lenses but you guys need to know that these lenses are totally safe and will not harm you in any way. They are like regular contact lenses, only with an added feature!

These lenses are safe to wear and reportedly have not caused any harm due to its reaction to the backlight but it should be made sure that these lenses are bought through a reliable source that provides safe and good quality lenses as the eye is a very sensitive organ.

Proper storage and care of your lenses is then again a thing as any dirt or impurity can cause an infection in your eyes. Ultra Violet glow in the dark lenses may not damage your eyes because of their properties but negligence in safe handling can cause you a problem.

Buying from legally approved and reputable sellers online is the best way to ensure that these lenses are completely safe. Just like other contact lenses, these lenses are not “one size fits all” lenses. These are to be adjusted according to the size of the person who wishes to gets these. Therefore, it is good to get an eye checkup done and get only the lenses prescribed by the doctor.

Just to be on the safe side, and protecting yourself from any harm, a few precautions must be taken.

Here are two important tips that might be helpful:

  • These lenses are not recommended to be worn overnight. If done so, can cause a serious eye infection.
  • Moreover, sharing lenses with any of your friends or family members is seriously prohibited. This might sound a really good idea to swap lenses and save yourself from getting different colors, but it can spread harmful infections that can be very painful.
  • Apply glow in the dark lenses before applying makeup in order to avoid any makeup fall out on the lenses or in your eyes.

So, just take a few precautionary measures and you are good to go!

Rock any look you want and however, you want. Costume parties are definitely going to be more fun with the UV glow in the dark contact lenses!

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