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What Are Some Must Know Medicines To Keep At Home?

When you are at home minor illness and mild aches or pains are very common so it is important to keep a few medicines in your medical box when you can’t get to a Pharmacy. Always read the labels carefully and follow the instruction which is given on the backside of the medicine. Sometimes pharmacies are closed especially in the night and for an emergency, you have to keep medicines at home in case they are needed. You can also buy medicines from Medlife. With Medlife online shopping you can save more on online medicines. Don’t forget to check its latest discounts on online medicine offers and health products. Here I am sharing some medicines that are very useful in case of emergency. All these medicines you can buy a without prescription.

• Paracetamol

Paracetamol basically used for if you are suffering from high fever and your body is paining. It comes in a tablet form for adults and for babies and children it comes in a liquid. If you have a young child, Paracetamol is the most important medicines that you should keep with you all the time. Paracetamol is safe but if you are taking too much quantity of medicine it is harmful. So always remember don’t take too much overdose of Paracetamol. With Medlife Offers you can get maximum discounts on Paracetamol tablets.

• Anti Inflammatory PainKillers

Painkillers reduce inflammation. Buy Ibuprofen from any Pharmacy and local medical stores. This medicine helpful for muscular aches sprains and can also relieve period pain. This medicine also reduces fever as Paracetamol did. It comes in many forms like tablet, soluble tablet, liquid and melts in the mouth. There are many brands of ibuprofen available in the market but the dose advised varies with age. Ibuprofen medicine can take with food but don’t take on an empty stomach because it causes irritation. If you feel stomach pain or heartburn after taking ibuprofen tablets then stop taking this medicine. They may interact with some prescribed medication, so consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure whether you should take them or not. Ibuprofen and some other anti-inflammatory painkillers are also available in a gel form or you can rub directly on your painful area. If you have a pain in joints like arthritis, rheumatoid, or osteoarthritis, you can apply gel form on those areas. They can also be used in muscle injuries or sprains.

• Cetirizine

If you are suffering from allergic reactions from your nose then you can take cetirizine. This medicine is the safest medicines in the pharmacy and well worth having in your medical box.

• Oral Rehydration Solution

If you are suffering from diarrhea then you should definitely take Oral Rehydration Solution. It comes in a powder form and can mix with water for a balanced rehydration solution. It also helps you are feeling tired or weak.

• Domstal

Are you suffering from vomiting? Then you should start taking Domstal tablet. This medicine is safe and can easily available in the market.

• Antiseptic Cream

It is very important to have antiseptic cream at your home. You can use antiseptic creams on minor scrapes, cuts, and bites. The most common antiseptic creams are available in the market is Savlon, Dettol, and Germolene

• Aspirin

Those who have pain in the chest then you should always carry aspirin for relieves chest pain. This type of medicine comes in a tablet or in a gel form.

• Other Useful Products

There are many other items that you should always keep at your home like balms, bandage, banded, antiseptic wipes, cold pack, first aid tape, thermometer, and many other products.

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